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I'm most recently a writer.  In the six plus decades of my life, I've been a wife, mother, grandmother, Jill of all trades though mistress of but a few, and most of the time pretty content with my lot.  As a much younger person, I believed I was called to write, but life and living distracted me for most of those decades.  An unwilling transplant from the South,  twenty years ago I unintentionally landed in the geographical center of the US.  Writing came about in part due to the unwillingness, I expect.  When caring for family, gardening, and renovating a century-old house failed to provide sufficient creative outlets, I turned to the one thing I always intended to do.  Eight titles later, I'm grateful I found myself while Lost in the Plains!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

That Was the Week That Was--

Busy week? Mine too! So if you haven't had a chance to stop in here, I totally understand!

The thing about my blog you've probably noticed is it's kind of all over the place. You might wonder why I don't pick one thing from my life to focus on and push the other stuff aside, or to another blog maybe. But the truth is this blog is about me, my life since I found myself "Lost in the Plains." So everything from gardening to writing to just living life as it comes is just one topic.

This week I posted an update on our personal journey titled Fearsome Hope. 


And of course there's another installment of All That Glitters, the romantic serial I'm so thrilled you're all following!


Thanks so much for stopping in! And please, if you're so inclined, leave a comment about the post, or about whatever's on your mind, for that matter. I love seeing your messages here!

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